chapter V: (c)asheville. with a bullet.

" she said she remembers you vaguely and that you may have been 'bratty'. "

asheville. home of more white hip-hop loving rastas than hell itself. and possibly my future home too. maybe you make an impulsive decision. maybe you realize when its almost too late that it was a terrible decision, and change your mind. but have committed to part of it. maybe everyone is so confused by your idiocy at this point that no one actually gives a shit anymore either way. maybe you don't blame them. and then maybe, just maybe, you consider making that original decision again. new york or north carolina, where oh where do i want to waste my 20s?

after a 9 hour drive last sunday that should have been grueling, but actually was pretty nice because of my amazing ipod choices (majority rule, cross my heart, pg99, the get up kids...), i finally arrived in leicester, NC where my parents have a mini mountain mansion that only my brother lives in. he's my favorite, and charming in a baltimore ghetto kindof way. from then until tuesday i pretty much didn't leave the house, save for food shopping. most of the time i spent grilling food out by the barn in the fire pit, taking photos, and watching funny/weird B porno tapes that chase lisbon gave my brother when chase lived above him. oh, and grocery shopping, one of my favorite things to do lately. taking photos of people while they're buying food makes them absurdly uncomfortable, apparently. i love it. one day soon i'm going to start playing "shopping for other people," the only good scene in Pecker. Thanks John Waters. so that kid in the above photo tripped me out really hard. he kept staring at me like he wanted me to take his picture, so i did it. and then he ran away and started tugging on his mom's arm fat and telling on me. and whats with the gang sign someone wrote on his shoulder? awesome.

here are some photos of asheville thus far:

(note: you can now click on most photos for a larger version.)

i tried to get this cop to let me photograph him wearing my sunglasses.
but all i got was a $75 ticket.

for a lot of the drive i was steering through the viewfinder. that was REALLY sober of me.

thank baby jesus this was waiting for me when i got there.

repetition in this grocery store was making me wile out a little. i have a thing for stacking.

Pastor's wife? or hasidic jew deserter? i will never know.

YOU MAD? this one is seriously my favorite ever.



THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE. (see: highlander)

okay this is just bad ass. fuck, man.

when good ideas get delicious.

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Anna said...

your supermarket photos are on point. especially scary t shirt lady and ballin tootsie pop kid