i just needed to get this out.

fuck anyone who isn't genuine. anyone who lies, who can't own up to their own feelings or actions. i'm guilty of this too, a lot, and whatever terrible things have come out of this, i'm sorry. and for me, it ends now. i am who i am, and i'm actually pretty certain of it. and i don't have time for flakes, for liars, for people who just can't ever seem to deliver on their promises, for fairweather friends, and certainly not for people who i thought were my friend but don't actually care about me enough to control themselves in the most basic of ways. especially when they've been pleaded with and warned over and over, because i cared about them enough to think they could change. and i don't have time to act that way, either. thanks to everyone who has been reading this so far, the beta version of what i hope for this to eventually be. everyone seems to have a blog these days, but for me this is just the start of a new chapter of my life. and to all my real friends: thanks for sticking around. there are way more of you than i ever would've imagined i'd have in my life, and i'm floored everytime i think about that.

like i said in my prologue, this is what this blog is about. this is a family. and i'm going to make everyone in my life really feel that way, through stories, through photographs, through wonderful times, and through a lot of bad ideas and trouble. and don't forget bro tattoos.

to everyone else, everyone who doesnt make the criteria of being a decent human being: DON'T BOTHER. don't call me just to ask me for something, don't say things to me that you don't mean, and dont involve me in your social manipulation or your shit talking. i've had enough.

"my friends look out for me like family" - H2O

okay, that being said, expect an update tonight. photos from the pygmy lush/tidelands show, photos from the just die/she rides show, and everything in between.

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