chapter IV: how to be a bad kid part I

i gotta say, maryland ain't that bad. fresh air, fresh people, and fresh trouble. one thing i really missed about the suburbs is being able to take anything i want. i don't know if i'm officially out of retirement, but there are 3 or 4 department stores and boutiques that probably wish i never left new york. so with two fresh pairs of nudies and a new camera, im well on my way back to a life of mischief. look out.

im new to the camera thing, so bear with me.

bike messenger tan.

hold the cheese, pleeeease.

does not give a FUCK.

bodymore, murdaland.


so many snacks, so little person.

10,000 boners.

this guy was fucking crazy, obvs.


"OMGZ i just had the BEST vegan agave-sweetened wheat-free muffin!"

THOU. "this one's for all the straightedge kids". fuck yes!!

my neck got sore from headbanging. thanks dudes!

possibly 15 year old girl metal singer? CREWCIAL headbang.


nerpal said...

Yo dude! Good buhlog. That girl is like 23, and is amazing. Her name is Kat!

Anyway, lets rage soon.

Sharena said...

o hey ian...!

pray-for-rain said...

meeee!nice "self" photo.