chapter III: 60 days and 60 nights

for the next 2 months, this pixelated photograph is my home. silver spring, maryland. i will be staying with my family: dad, step-mom, and two step brothers close to my age. when im not traveling i'll be here, sleeping on a jennifer convertible trundle bed which, despite being more comfortable than it looks, is a far cry from my room in bushwick.

last night was sortof a blur. by the time i got to my last night in town, i hadn't slept in 3 days. instead i'd been sneaking around with yellow cinelli and ending up in the oddest places. the edge of the east river sitting on jersey barriers and getting stalked by jews in trucks, under the JMZ outside of drew's house having the sunrise blocked by the train platform, a rooftop party with a mineshaft and a german history lesson, and who knows where else. but i still managed to retain enough energy to party. last night we barbequed like gods. texas burgers, chicken patties, hot dogs, shish kabobs, and roasted veggies. emily made the best cheesecake i've ever had, and everyone drank rootbeer out of champagne glasses. the sweet sounds of metal filled the room and the air was thick with sexual tension... or was it the terrible humidity? i was having too much fun to pay attention. eventually things started to clear so me, andrew, and yellow cinelli headed to beverly's rooftop to meet up with drew. expecting a dance party, what we actually found was 50 or 60 kids wearing cool kid (read: douche) costumes on a slatted roof that seemed more suited for an elegant brunch than a party. note to self: have brunch up there some time. i shouldn't judge so harshly, im sure they were all fine kids, it was just late and i was ready to be home.

so me and yellow cinelli parted ways with andrew, and i found a fucking dollar on the ground. fuck yes. we went back to my place and split a bottle of cider on the roof. cheers to the potential last of many nights.

here is my travel schedule for the next 2 months:
june 4th - 7th: baltimore
june 9th - 14th (approx): asheville NC
june 26th - july 7th (approx): portland, OR

surrounding and following these dates will be trips to philly. most of july i will be in maryland though trying to get in trouble. this is a call out for all the ghosts and skeletons in my closet: come back to haunt me. lets make it a party. im talking to you, baltimore.

hey new york, see you in 60.

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jen said...

if you are gonna be in maryland in july still, 1) hang the fuck out with me and get into some trouble (swimming, food, chillin etc) but 2) come to my house party on the 26th of that month, son!