chapter II: bikes, girls, and goodbyes

its 1:30 in the morning, and of all the things that i should be, awake is not one of them. i, being the important bicycle courier that i am, have an 8:15 pickup at 41 madison avenue. i'll probably deliver it by 8:30 and fall asleep on a bench until 10, baking in the morning sun. this is hopefully my last week as a bike courier, not that i mind it so much but its time to move on; i must say goodbye to the glamorous life of traffic dodging and elevator riding, and push ahead to my future... as an intern. oh joy.

when im not at work, apparently im breaking hearts. i recently broke up with T, a young, idealistic Pratt architecture student who i maintain looks like Scarlett Johansson. she was stunning, with a sharp wit and a sexy stoicism way beyond her years. but like all good things... well, you know. friday was an uncomfortable evening spent in park slope with her bearing gifts and me bearing bad news. "i want you to know that you broke my heart." thats always a fun one to hear. shes wonderful though, and i wish i wasn't so screwed up. i'm going to miss her, a lot more than i will ever let on. from there i went to rope, since it was on my way home, to surprise an old friend and he meet her new love interest. he was fatter than the last one.

on the 1st of june i leave new york for 2 months, just in time to miss an incredibly sweltering new york summer. i'll be in maryland, north carolina, and portland, with no agenda, no inhibitions, and a new camera. this summer will be a memorable one, to say the least. with my days before i leave numbered, i'm subscribing to Get Rad's idea, "say fuck no to rules". come friday i plan on not sleeping until i leave, getting in as much trouble as possible along the way. saturday night im throwing a bash in williamsburg where i will be dressed to the 10s and will have a bottle of sparkling cider glued to each of my hands the entirety of the night.

tomorrow night i'll be on the lookout for a yellow cinelli.
oh trouble, i missed you. lets never fight again, okay?

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