chapter I: the poop shoot.

you might ask yourself how i ended up with my pants around my ankles on a toilet holding a pair of pink lacy panties in my hand, in front of a camera no less. honestly, by the time i got to this 'poop shoot' i wasn't even remotely surprised to be there. yes, the most notorious of unholy holes has been a reoccurring theme in my life lately. i won't say anymore, but i will tell you that i got a gold styrofoam poo for taking off my pants. these manhattanite pansies acted like it was so edgy. when you're from where i'm from, taking off your pants just means you're at a party. and what.

it is design week, which means the start of a secret project with the internet's andrew kenney. white brooklyn certainly is not ready for this, and we're going to make them hate themselves. we ain't no joke. design week also means that all of the hip asians and way too skinny swedes have found their way to lower manhattan for tradeshows, events, and parties. being that these are two of my favorite demographics of fashionable but generally worthless human beings, i am not upset about this at all.

in other news, now that im recently single (i guess?) i've kindof got a crush on a girl. but i get crushes like its going out of style, so whatever. wicked cute, great sense of humor. plus she likes natural born killers, the most romantic movie ever made. too bad im traveling for the next few months (which is why im single to begin with, pretty much). timing never was my strong suit.

there is a new camera in my future, so future chapters will have a heavier photo presence. thats all anyone gives a fuck about anyway. so i'll end this chapter with two photos from our puppy-napping trip to rochester recently. i've been loving these lately, so you should do the same.

get fucking stoked.

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