prologue: a proper introduction.

so this is where my story begins.
bushwick, brooklyn, new york.

hey. my name is ian. i am 22 years and 7 months old. i have been residing in brooklyn for almost 2 years now. this place is my home. actually, i truly hated new york until about a month ago, one could even say i despised it. working full time but somehow never making any money, new york can feel like a prison. but what i recently figured out is that more so than anywhere else, it takes a very long time to build a life here. but the secret is, once you do, it's the most amazing city on the planet. one day you wake up and everything falls into place, you have friends, family, places to go, things to do, an entire world that was right outside your doorstep all along, is suddenly available and welcoming you.

that is what this blog is about. the people you get to know. the things you come to love. building a community inside and outside of your home. seperating the "cool" from the cool. young lust. true romance. getting in trouble. having fun. living. working. loving. hating.

this is my life. i am here to share it with you.

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