because of a series of mishaps and errs in judgment, the recording studio that i'm going to work for in iowa needs to be gutted and redesigned. after the initial scare of me possibly not moving there, it was decided to move forward and rebuild. so i'm moving, but i'm going to have to find another job for a little bit while the studio is being reconstructed. i'm hoping that could involve a little touring, but i'll keep that on the hush for now.

the situation isn't ideal, but it means getting to be a part of this studio project from the ground up. it also means being able to help design it, which is an amazing opportunity and will make my work life a lot better when i'm working for a studio that hopefully looks and operates somewhat like i think it should.

on august 31st i move in with the singer of ________, who i'm already realizing is probably going to become a close friend of mine, and start my new mid-western life. i don't really know how my life got to be where it is, but i'm here now and i'm liking it.

though i've recently realized that some things will be harder than others to leave behind.

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