the shape of crabcore to come

its really great that i don't live in the stolen sleeves house anymore, because now me and those dudes can really appreciate eachother again. i'm gonna go ahead and say that i fucking love those guys and i'm stoked that we're past whatever issues we had with eachother. if you havent listened to swallowed up yet, do your brainstem a favor and get the fuck with it: http://www.myspace.com/swallowedxup

its now official: at the end of july I move to des moines, iowa to work for "The 700" recording studio. big things are coming.

july 4th: remainder, swallowed up, and zombie dogs show in DC
july 5th: NYC
july 11th: baltimore
july 13th: philly/NYC
july 22nd: greensboro
july 30th: iowaaaa.

lets hang out.

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