why enough is never really enough.

the new heading in its most obvious form is a tribute to the idea that falling short and giving up just aren't options for me. 'enough' is a word laced with stagnancy, which is a concept that i know too well. at 23 i'm making a choice to take charge of my life. as the brilliant and far underrated lyricist of breathe in breathe out once put it: "i'm breaking out, i'm pushing on. there's no more time to waste."

there is also a lot more to it though. "enough is never enough" also comments on my (somewhat negative) feelings about the punk scene's attitudes and misgivings towards failures in personal and social activism. its about how i felt that when i was living at my brooklyn loft, how nothing i did was ever quite good enough. mostly i was met with a negative attitude, especially when i screwed up or said something out of line, but i was rarely ever met with compliments or even positive criticism. there wasn't any open dialogue to help me to get to where i wanted to be in terms of my attitudes and treatments towards women, and the solidifying of my personal politics in general. i think that this problem extends to a lot of the punk scene that i have known, and it just makes me wonder who is going to help out the next younger generations of punk if we're so busy being pretentious? i know i've said a lot of this before and its a trite concept at this point, but i'm still struggling with it.

going further with this, "enough is never enough" is also about punk's role in the world. no matter what we do to save/take back little pieces of our sanity and our planet, its not going to be enough ever. in this sense, the attitudes of punks make a lot of sense, but instead of trying to gain support in our lives and causes, i think a lot of times its more important for people to be able to categorize eachother, pushing them away rather than pushing them forward. this has to end.

and hey, this is all just my personal experience, i know that its different for a lot of people. i am aware that at times i haven't been taken seriously because i am simply not a serious person most of the time. so don't get me wrong when i am saying this, because i can honestly say at this point that i'm working on meeting the world half way too.

so i stand by my words and the newest easy-to-swallow catchphrase in my life.

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