i am not dying!

loving josh sisk right now.

generally, i think reunions are self-indulgent. especially when not that many people really cared about your band. however, playing with the chase was one of the most fun/totally fucking rad things i've done in a long time. in such a warm and familiar way it was just one big 'family' reunion. though old drama never seems to take an easy grave, really good times were had. i'd post more photos, but they are blogged here, so go check them out if you want to see what you did or didn't miss out on depending on whether or not you were a total idiot and didn't come.

i've been having a really good trip so far. i've had some well-needed reality checks, some ego boosts, and overall noteworthy experiences. i think that by the time i return to my quaint little town of asheville i will have acquired the necessary perspective to really make the most of my life right now.

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