the only icon on my desktop is a .txt file called 'tobuy'. this white little guy is rather elusive, and is both the source and solution to most of my problems. one of my biggest demons is ownership, the one demon which i cannot fight no matter how hard i try... hes a rare breed of bastard. conversely, according to the duke the previously-thought-mythical point of owning everything you want is actually real! congratulations jack, you're obviously some kind of high level warlock who can suspend time and bend space and shit. i, however, am not there yet. so in an effort to actually save up for some of these things that i want, i am employing 2 methods.

1. hiding money from myself. this is a lot harder than you think, but i've come up with a pretty fool-proof method where i can keep tracking of how much is hidden, but it would require way too much effort to actually find any of the money.

2. i am publicizing my want to buy list. looking at it with a critical eye will hopefully help me remove things i dont need, or legitimize them enough to that i actually save for them.

in case you haven't figured it out yet, i am my own worst enemy. so here goes nothing:

(in order of most important to least important)
ikea record shelf - $150 - this is the one piece of furniture for my room, it'll hold everything.
70's tuner/amplifier - $50-100 i need music in my room because my computer sucks.
record player - $50-$100 - to go with the badass 70's tuner.
new cranks for bianchi - $100 - my chainring is ovalized and the cranks are shitty anyway.
get laptop fixed - $150-$200 - this way i can actually edit photos for my 5 readers.
chrome messenger bag - $100 probably - i need something i can bike with well.
cranks for panasonic - $150 - after all the things i need, im going to finish building my dream
get FIR wheel built - $150 - " "
black cat jordan 4s - hopefully $100 (they're vegan!) - i know, i know. but they're so rad.
organic nudie thin finns - $200 from a secret place - yes, i already know how many pairs of jeans i own.
a shit dick fuck ton of records - $10000000 - and the list goes on.......

so if anyone is feeling generous somewhere around october 30th, or christmas, or whenever, consider this my list for santaSATAN.


Anonymous said...

Dude, get the 5s in the OG black colorway, those are vegan too. Fuck some retro colorway bullshit.

ian fucking shiver. said...

its all about the 4s.

who is this anyway?


emily said...

send me your address. You have my email.