Chapter XVI: On Last Goodbyes

its strange saying goodbye to people when you know it might be the last time you speak. I unknowingly said a lot of those goodbyes in june when i left new york for DC naively thinking that i'd be back in a few months. i said more of these in august, though knowingly this time, when i came back to pick up my remaining things from my old loft. most of the time i was there i felt like a ghost: like i had unfinished business and i was solemnly haunting new york city. people could see me and hear me but all parties knew that i didn't belong, that it was an accident that i was back there again because everyone else had moved on while i painstaking grasped at connections that were long lost. thank you to those who made my haunting slightly more bearable, especially the unexpected ones who helped me remember the good parts of the last two years, of which there were many more than i sometimes like to acknowledge. goodbye new york.

i decided to only post the images from new york that felt very real, of which there were very few. after i left i said goodbye in philadelphia and baltimore, so i included a few shots of people in those cities as well. i hate most of the photos i took, my heart just wasn't in it that weekend. the next post will have best friends and far-from-last goodbyes in silver spring.

all photos can be clicked for a larger version, as usual.


Ariel said...

aw where are the rest of the philly pics!!
hope youre having fun

kalynn said...

This worlds too small for goodbyes.

icoulddietomorrow said...

Consider that picture stolen and put on facebook. Holler.


What a babe that boy is. said...

the blog is back up and running.
supposed to be on the beast coast ending september.
peak foliage in new england. do it.

jen said...

yung, do you have any more photos from my house? miss you.