chapter XI: ikea.

i'm on your side and we're always right.

i love ikea. before i left for portland i took a trip to ikea with melanie. not to actually buy anything, but just because i love it so much. there is something so voyeuristic about the entire experience, something so private put out in the open. the building is full of set up rooms... living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and walking through you see people experiencing these rooms as if they are their own. they try to act natural, getting the feel for things. you can see them staring at the blank fake tv imagining monday night football with a budweiser in their hand. they open the fridge and imagine what it would look like with their casseroles and potroasts inside, they lay on beds and stare into eachothers eyes, imagining they're alone. but they aren't alone. i'm there, and when they aren't looking im capturing them. in their element, in their homes. people always wonder what everyone else does when they're in their houses, when you're at a party you always want to go upstairs and open closed doors to see whats behind them. don't deny it. its okay, you can't help it. i understand, we're all voyeurs in one way or another.

i'll say it again. i fucking love ikea.


Marina said...

Ikea is the biggest hellhole of a completely consuming nightmare I've ever experienced. It's like one of the seven layers of hell. Worst experience ever.

Jack said...

1. have you ever taken a set of photos that didn't include one of yourself in a mirror/window/misc reflective surface?
2. why isn't my blog in the "things i read" section? do you not read it? do you not like me any more? are we no longer friends?

nerpal said...

I just spent way too much on dece lighting for my room from Ikea.

ha and let's not forget FUPA is not swedish furniture.

Anonymous said...

those swedes sure do make everything. maybe you could buy some talent?