chapter X: time.

if you want more views then you need more n00dz - mia

so maybe you wake up 2 hours later than you were supposed to in order to catch your plane. maybe you were busy all night working on something you're really happy about. maybe you still catch your plane. maybe you have a 1 hour wait, a 5.5 hour flight headed west which turns into 2.5 when you reach san francisco, another 1 hour wait and then then a 1.5 hour flight to Portland, Oregon where it should be 11 pm but its not.

busses are miserable. they smell like toilets, they're full of screaming children, they break down and leave you on the side of the road, and sometimes you fall asleep and end up somewhere in brooklyn when you've never been to new york before because the bus driver didn't see you in the back and you have to hang out with him all day while the bus gets worked on and listen to him talk about 'the damn chinese'. planes arent so bad. except when you sit next to a 10 year asian boy who keeps farting the whole time, and all you have on your ipod is music that makes you want to mosh down the aisle.

portland is..... yep. fuck yeah.

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