if you got a throat, i got a knife

two nights ago i had more fun on a swingset than ive had in a long time. yesterday i drove a racist girl away from our table and out of the restaurant we were at. tonight i saw a big wiener that belonged to a strange drunk man while a hardcore band played in full hockey gear.

i feel like every time i leave my house i make a new friend. i'm not sure if its me, or if its just this place, but everyone has been so nice to me and so surprisingly genuine. its different than the east coast... not necessarily better, but it might be what i need right now.

its nice to feel like im not totally alone here. its nice to have life plans in the works, adventures to plan, and crushes to get excited about. im starting to have a life here, and from here on out its steady rollin'.

i wouldn't call this place home, but its certainly got my attention.


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