learn nothing, meantime, petition.

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the night before this show, i went with derek and damien to raleigh to see all of these same bands play. the show was at this ridiculous metal club that had all of these t-shirts and banners from all these huge metal bands all over the black walls. literally NO ONE showed up except for us, so in honor of who knows what, all of these bands basically played numetal sets. no one played any of their normal instruments, in fact until the night after i had no idea what any of the bands sounded like or who was actually in each of the bands. at certain points there were 12 people on stage wearing black wigs and sunglasses playing fake instruments. it was probably one of the best times i've ever had at a show.

about 20 people ended up staying at my house that night, filling all of the floor space in my house, and i didn't get to bed until well past sunrise.

the shots of the metal band are due to the fact that the show that night apparently got double booked. i kindof just felt bad that no one was watching these jokers, but the photos turned out awesome.

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