i have a 7 page paper due tomorrow.

from in my room across the hall i can hear my brother having sex. i hear lengthy, trashy sounding moans repeatedly breaking through the constant drone of whatever jungle/techno music they are listening to. all of this is muffled by the door of course. the moaning stops and i hear muttering. wait, moaning again. my dog can't really take this, he's been locked out of my brothers room and through every jungle sex noise he's sitting outside the door, his ears perked and his eyes sad, whining constantly. theres that moaning again. i think i heard an "oh yeah baby". i'm trying to picture it as something its not. bench pressing. thats it, he's spotting her and the moans are just her conquering the iron.

my kitchen reeks of the pbr inside the bottle that my brother probably knocked over. he didn't clean it up. but the first lingering smell that hit me when i opened my front door was cheap perfume and cigarettes. if you've ever met a 'jersey girl', you know what i'm talking about. the muttering between moans is probably her debating the ethics of globalization. oh wait, she just yelled "oh my fucking clit". nevermind.

my brothers door just opened and he stumbled out with no shirt on.
"hey, you got any condoms?"

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