heres to getting blown off.

i had a really good night. went out to probably the last fairground avenue show (pictures to come) where they covered jawbreaker's boxcar, and i made them play bukake breakdowns. then went to ihop with some kids after. met up with keely and some of her friends and then went back to keely's to watch The Mighty Boosh, one of the best tv shows i've seen in awhile. totally fucking nuts. check it out.

i spent more time with maggie, her hound, and even though she shit out more shit than i've ever seen a dog shit in my life, and it was all over the floor, shes awesome and i can't wait for the insanity of 2 dogs in my house.

anyway i have class in 7 hours. i still hate people who are shit at being honest, and i had a good night none the less. justine comes to visit in a few days, and im pretty excited about that.

love (is dead),

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