get bent.

"the world is a dark place and no one understands you."
Henry Rollins

i hate this fucking town.
i have met some pretty cool kids, but no one seems interested in doing anything besides drinking. popularity in this town is based on where you work/what business you own. oh, and the christians walk among the non-christians. and worse, i've now met some christians that i REALLY like. everyone i meet here seems to like me, and i like everyone that i meet. so how come when sunday rolled around montford park was a ghost town. i'm already tired of trying to facilitate cool events.

if i'm not on tour in a year,
i'm moving to philadelphia.

or maybe san francisco.
or anywhere but here.


A. Lane said...


Justine said...

San Francisco, with me!

We can live in a tiny, over priced studio in SOMA or outer Mission and eat noodles with hot sauce to survive. But we would be together!

I'm sorry you're unhappy. Call me and you can vent.