the long road to freedom

these past few weeks have been long and dark, but hopeful. the demons are always on my trail and lately they've been catching up, licking their lips and whispering darkness into my ears. i'm caught between feeling like a prisoner in my own home, and feeling like i'm really on the road to a calming goodness in my life. i'm learning what it means to do what i feel is right, rather than do what i feel i'm supposed to be doing. no wonder people are so afraid of decisions: there is always a loss.

however i've been sticking to the basics lately. i organized a weekly 'punk rock' kickball game which for the past 2 weeks has had a pretty decent turnout. this week will hopefully be the best so far. there is very little thats more fun than playing sports with good/new friends while listening to my favorite tunes. on sundays at 2, life is pretty damn good.

here is some stuff i've been working on:

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