get muxed up.


i think mixes are still the greatest thing ever. nothing makes me happier than getting to hear new music, especially when once in awhile i don't hate it. if i had the money i would buy random old records in the thrift store on the off chance they were good. but who has that kind of money.. or time? so instead i've been spending a lot of time on muxtape, the greatest internet creation ever (read:lately). i actually have a pretty retarded computer setup right now; you know how you keep buying and upgrading things but it seems like one piece of technology you have is always outdated or broken? story of my life lately.

so check it out: my latest muxtape. by latest i mean everything i've been listening to in my car. i don't think any of it is newer than 2007, if that.

here's some other shit i've been loving lately.

part 2 of the photo post is coming later, maybe.

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sadie said...

i love you. let's do it.