chapter VI: light the fuse and run... to the south.

i always thought that i was really good at losing friends. i've burned so many bridges that, lets just say i'm glad i don't live on an island... at the moment. i consider myself a pretty notorious fuck up, like the kindof fuckup where normally you have to be a raging drunk to even try to do some of the dumb shit i've done or said, and a raging idiot to actually pull it off. i like to think i have a lot more sense about me these days, but i still let go of more than i grab hold of. maybe there are some people you just can't do that to, though. a combination of history and their current entanglement in your life. maybe even though you can light the match, nothing will actually catch. maybe the fucking wood is just wet, i dont know. but with certain friends, no matter how shitty it gets, i'll start to forgive them within days. even if i no longer trust them, or even if its never quite the same, i wont be burning their bridge ever.

on monday just after getting into town, i got a text from the wonderful Katy Otto telling me that pygmy lush was playing the night after. so on tuesday, after eating a fucking awesome lunch, matt and i headed down to the bobo gallery, a pretentious little art gallery/bar/showspace in downtown asheville, to see tidelands and the aforementioned pygmy lush. here i got my first taste of asheville hipsters, all 3 of them, and they seemed just as pretentious and interestingly uninterested as anywhere else. in retrospect i should've shot portraits of them but my camera confidence wasn't quite there yet. the show was fucking amazing, and the guys who i talked to in tidelands and pygmy lush were really rad guys. it restored a little bit of the faith i'd lost in the people from the northeast, though mostly it just illustrated that i like older people more than young punks consumed by an image and sub (not counter) culture. more on this in the next post.

here are the photos that i loved from tuesday: (they are very much worth clicking on to enlarge. i will eventually change my format so i can post them fullsize.)

portabello mushroom, smoked tempe, marinated onions, bbq sauce.
yes, i do parties.

everyone's afraid of ghosts.

opener for the show. really amazing, very saddle creek.

tidelands. great dudes. dc pride.

the light in this room was perfect. fuck flashes.

pygmy lush. this band is as incredible as everyone says they are.

they sounded like ghosts. this photo is chillingly accurate.

i just loved this shot. it was sortof an accident.

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