3 is definitely not a crowd.

i'm awfully behind, i know. i've been busy doing things FOR the blog, but not actually posting in it. funny how that works. here's a list of what i've been up to lately and simultaneously my ode to really awesome shit:

+ ebay. so you know all those thousands of dollars worth of clothes i have laying around? all the things that didn't fit any of y'all motherfuckers? they're finally slowly going on ebay and paying off like cash cow of my dreams. selling a tshirt for $70 that i got for free is pretty great.

+ friends. here at fight city-life we like friends. i mean i really love friends. 2 of them recently came from philly to hang out with me and other friends. friends are great. friends.

+ dessert. coconut milk cookie dough soy ice cream and vegan apple pie. these amazing things have been taking up a lot of my time. i <3 bring a fatty.

+ melanie benetato. is my favorite person in the world right now. she is always surrounded by huge, awesome dogs. the other night one of them kept mounting me and trying to have his way with me. i was flattered. melanie rules because she will listen to me rant about whatever inane shit for hours. melanie is also cute as a goddamn button.

+ penpals. best concept. and totally wholesome and honest, which is definitely what i need right now. and plus, nothing is better than getting actual mail that isnt bills or other bad news. though me and USPS are in a fight right now.

its 3 am and past my bedtime. i think im headed to philly tomorrow afternoon, but i promise a photo post before i go. until then, bon nuit.

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